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Web Designing in Dubai

If you are a business owner then your business website is the best marketing tool that you can rely on. You can showcase all you products and service by few clicks (Thanks to tools like WordPress). Once your website is uploaded, within minutes your business is visible to thousands of potential buyers in UAE who are spending hours on the internet everyday (See UAE’s internet statistics below). With a reliable and affordable web design Dubai company you can establish your online presence within a week – and 20 days in case of a CMS based website.

Accept or not, due to highly competitive business environment in the UAE whoever comes first in front of the customer is the winner. Observe your own behavior for a while – you would be using Google, Yahoo or Bing before buying most things in the UAE. For example, before buying a new mobile phone you would be googling “best mobile phone deals in UAE, top 10 smart phones, mobile phones with best camera, etc.”

I bet, similarly, others are exploring Google, Yahoo or Bing for other things they are interested in. They are also googling the internet for such terms as:

  • Business consultants in business bay area
  • event management companies in dubai
  • property consultants in UAE
  • interior designers in Dubai or
  • luxury cars rentals in Dubai

Now, as a test case, write phrases related to your business to see if your business/website appears in the search results. If appears – Good! If not then you need to take immediate action because those who appeared in the search results are your direct competitors and remember they have far better chances of winning the clients than you. But here is the good news – we will assist you and do all the web designing in Dubai for you.

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Having Business Website in Dubai – Need or Perk?

With the above example you would have noticed by now, the importance of having your business website in Dubai. In addition to the above point here are few more points to consider before having or not having your website.

Website is your need if:

  • your clients come from all over UAE and the globe
  • you want to be found via Google, Yahoo or Bing search and appear before your clients to stay ahead of your competition
  • you wish to save your money from unnecessary marketing expenses on other expensive marketing campaigns
  • you wish to stay in touch with your clients 24/7 (Contact us to know more about our Live chat feature which can be connect with your smart phones.)
  • if you wish to automate your marketing, sales, accounts, HR and other processes.
  • In 2015, UAE’s population is spending over 5 hours on internet every day. 44% use internet on PC and laptop, 50% use on mobile phones and 6% over tablet devices. Remember, buying behaviours have changed (See the research below).

Website is a perk, not your need if:

  • you are serving clients who live at a walking distance from your business
  • you have no plans of expansion
  • you do not need new and more clients and happy with your current clients. (but remember it is risky)
  • your clients do not use computer or a mobile phone
  • you wish have a website for the sake of website

Buying Behaviours Have Changed

UAE’s population is spending considerable time on the internet every day. 44% use internet over PC and laptop, 50% use over mobile phones and 6% over tablet devices. Following research clearly shows the amount of time UAE’s population is spending on the internet every day. You can easily estimate loss of your business if your business is not available online.

Following infographics show the average time people in UAE are spending on the internet.

– 5 hours on PC or tablets
– 3 hours and 45 minutes on the mobile phone
– additional 3 hours and 35 minutes on social media (which include: Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)

dubai web design
Courtesy: Global Media Insight – 2015

By looking at the above statistics you can easily estimate the importance of web designing in Dubai.

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Remember when Choosing a Web Designing Company in Dubai

Your website is good as long as it is producing best returns on investment. Based on our research we can safely say that there are 1000s of searches only in the UAE for such terms as: Web Design Dubai, Dubai Web Design Company, Web Design Abu Dhabi, Web Development Company Dubai and so on. To further verify refer to the following screenshot of Google Keyword Planner tool which shows 10,000 to 100,000 searches per month around these keywords. This is a clear indication that individuals and companies are looking for reliable and affordable web designing company in Dubai.


As per our several years of experience while serving the UAE clients we have come up with following common concerns that clients have shared with us. Find out the answers to the following primary concerns before you make a new website or hand over your existing website to a web designing individual or a company.

1. Establish Communication and Follow-up Protocols
As a common practice, initially, sales team of the web designing companies in Dubai meet with the clients with the aim of winning the business. They make tall promises during initial meetings. When it reaches the development stage, deviation and delays come up due to communication gaps. It is also observed that many Dubai based web designing companies have their development centers outside of UAE because your instructions pass on to the actual developer after passing 2-3 layers of communication – and finally what you get is different from what your asked for.

2. Find Out the Delivery Schedule
As the business owner, purpose of having a website for your business is to reach more customers quickly and effectively. If the development of website is taking too long then remember each additional day which is taking by development is and additional day you lost potential clients. Therefore it is very important to discuss with the web designing company in Dubai to give you the web site delivery schedule before starting website development.

3. Find Out Hosting Service Provider
Again, purpose of your website is to reach more customers quickly and effectively. Many times your website does not perform as per Google requirements which is due to slow hosting service or faulty and ineffective server settings.

Web hosting in UAE
Domain with .ae

4. Find Out Technology and Future Process for Updates
As per Google’s website ranking factors you must update your website frequently and regularly. Web designing companies in Dubai usually give a short term vision of having a website. Once the website is developed it is left as orphan because mostly it is not update. This is one of the key reasons why Google does not show it in top 20 search. It sees such websites as unimportant because if the owner him/herself is not paying attention on the website why would anyone else.

So we highly recommend you as the business owner to discuss with the website designing company the technology used for development and plans for future updates.

It is Good to Know What We Do Behind the Scenes

Following picture shows some of the key elements that are required to increase chances of your website to appear on the first page of Google search results (SERPs). To give you a better idea we have described them below briefly:

  • Title Tags: Primary keywords to ensure your website visitor that they have found what they were looking for.
  • URLs: Primary keywords are used in the www part of your webpage (e.g. to assit search engines to locate quickly.
  • Meta Description: Short 150 word description to attract the website visitor.
  • Body Text: The main message on each page. Complext terms and long sentences should be avoided.
  • H1 H2 H3 Titles: Primary keywords are used in the headings of body text – again to inform the seach engines to show relevance. 

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