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Avoid These 10 SEO Strategies

Without doubt, online visibility is highly important for businesses to survive in the tough online competition where each company is trying to appear first before potential clients. To quickly gain better position in Google results companies use strategies like Google Adwords, keyword stuffing, copy-pasted content of successful website, videos, heavy graphics, etc. Many times few SEO consultants will also promise to get you results within days and week. If this is the case then think twice because search engines see those sites with suspicion which appear in the top ranks within days/weeks, and eventually penalize them in various ways. 
It takes 6-12 months to naturally appear in Google search engine result pages (SERPs) not days and weeks. To achieve top positions in Google SERPs, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) budget of companies ranges from USD 350 to millions of dollars per month/year. Although, already a market leader, Shell budgeted over half a million US dollars in year 2012 to compete for online visibility.
If someone lures you for top ranking in Google results within days, s/he may probably be using Black Hat SEO techniques. In such a case you can only await Google’s strict penalties including your website pushed to lower ranks. Companies such as BMW, Expedia and others have faced such consequences in recent past.

10 SEO Techniques to Avoid

Few SEO consultants may suggest the SEO techniques given below but be very careful because search engines (especially Google) are becoming smarter and they have the ability to catch negative techniques which were earlier used to influence the search results and trick the search engines. These techniques are called Black Hat SEO techniques and include 1) keyword stuffing, 2) cloaking, 3) hidden text, 4) article spinning, 5) doorway pages, 6) unrelated backlinks, 7) ping spam, 8) typosquatting, 9) social networking spam and 10) scraper sites.
1. Keyword Stuffing
Avoid excessive use of keywords. Keyword density between 2% and 4% is considered optimal. Anything above that is considered black hat.
2. Cloaking
Cloaking is a black hat strategy in which SEO practitioners code their webpages and sites in such a way that crawlers see one version, and users see another.
3. Hidden Text
Similar to cloaking is hidden text. This black hat technique refers to text that is configured to be invisible or unreadable by online visitors.
4. Article Spinning (Duplicate Content)
Article spinning is used as an off-page black hat technique for backlinking purposes. Practitioners create multiple versions of text-based content, embed backlinks to their site, and submit each version to a different site for publication.
5. Doorway Pages
Doorway pages are groups of poorly written pages optimized for specific keywords. These pages usually have little content, in favor of calls to action and links that drive users through multiple webpages to a single landing page.
6. Unrelated Backlinks
Some SEO practitioners obtain links from link farms, or buy them from other third parties. Irrelevant links from sources that are obviously unrelated to a particular website/business, have a negative effect on SEO.
7. Ping Spam
Some SEO practitioners set up scripts to notify search engines repeatedly of content to create the illusion that the content is new.
8. Typosquatting
This techniques involves purchasing a domain name that is a misspelling of a competitor’s brand name to redirect traffic from it to one’s own site.
9. Social Networking Spam
Practitioners may also flood social networks with spam comments promoting their website and/or target specific users on social networks for the recipients of these messages.
10. Scraper Sites
Few SEO practitioners also create programs that “scrape” other websites for unique content and amalgamate it. These sites are often filled with ads, and/or used to promote a practitioner main site.


Black Hat SEO techniques may generate short-term improvements in search engine results. Ultimately, they may bring bad news for your website in terms of facing punitive measures from the search engines as well as alienating website visitors. In the long-run, the results can be quite destructive to your site. There are other black hat SEO techniques as well but try to avoid these methods. There are many ways to properly improve your website’s position in the search engine results page. Even if it may take some time, the results are long lasting and well worth the wait.