What is a CMS?

When you wish to develop or update your website, web designer may suggest you to have a CMS. Now your next questions may be What is CMS? What is full form of CMS? Is CMS a software? Our this post has the answers for you.

A content management system (CMS) is a computer application/program that allows publishing, editing, modifying, organizing, deleting, and maintaining content in easy ways which do not require advance levels of web designing technical skills. With a brief training of a couple of days you can manage the creation, modification, and removal of content from a Web site without needing the expertise of a webmaster.

A pictorial example, as shown below, may also help in understanding the meaning of CMS.


Should You Have A Content Management System (CMS)?

It is not compulsory that you must have a CMS. But having one certainly has certain advantages – most prominent include: ease, control, addition of ready-made feature (also known as plugins – we explained them below) and of course benefits of SEO. That’s the very reason most businesses/industries which require regular updates on their website love to have a CMS. Few names of such industries have been shown in the picture above. If you are one of them or if you need to update your website regularly (which is recommended too for higher Google ranking) then you must have a CMS.

CMS free download can be obtained by sending an inquiry to You can also directly call us at 00971-52-8876081

How to Use CMS?

There are content management companies  which can provide assistance on short-term and long-term bases. You may require them for updating the layout and text, adding of deleting images, resizing the images, optimising individual pages of your website for SEO, preparing landing pages which enhance conversion, adding forms or developing high-end and attractive artwork. After their initial assistance you may learn how to manage all this by yourself too.

Types/Kinds/Platforms of CMS

There is a wide range of CMS platforms available for use. Each CMS has its own purpose and features. For the purpose of having a CMS website for personal and a medium size business we have compared 3 very closely related CMSs below and then focused on WordPress to build this discussion. You can see from the table below that key features of WordPress include: ease of use, SEO friendly links, blogs for regular updates, admin area and community support. In terms of scalability WordPress is not so famous.


Benefits of CMS

There are plenty of benefits if you are developing or updating your website or blog. Here is a list of benefits which you get by having a WordPress based website:

  • Plenty of Themes
    Themes are read-to-use layouts of websites which designers have made and made available for free or by payment. These themes can be customized as per your industry and requirements. Here are few screenshots of few themes.
    1-wordpress-themes-emirates-software-group 2-wordpress-themes-emirates-software-group3-wordpress-themes-emirates-software-group4-wordpress-themes-emirates-software-group
  • Plenty of Plugins
    Once you have chose a theme you can add additional features to the selected theme. Plugins are ready-features which can be plugged into the website theme. For example, if the selected theme has 3 features (i.e. 1. banner slider, 2. attractive headings, 3. portfolio) to perform additional featured (like making and sending newsletter, creating forms, etc.) additional plugins can be installed from the WordPress main site. Interestingly, most plugins are available for free but there are many which are paid too. Have a look at few common plugins which CMS developers use.
    5-wordpress-plugins-emirates-software-group 6-wordpress-plugins-emirates-software-group

    Click the required plugin to see its description, screenshots, reviews, etc. (picture on the right above shows these). To install the plugin just click “Download” button; install it and once installed click “Activate” to start using the features of that plugin. You will love it. It is that simple.
  • Open Source CMS
    Depending on your special requirements you can also customize certain features of WordPress CMS. In case if you get stuck somewhere there is an active community of WordPress developers who will assist in time of need. In fact this community is the largest contributor for making useful plugins which we just saw above.
    Besides the resources available on WordPress website you can also find useful compatible resources via Google search – because it is open source there are independent developers who develop and make available their resources for general use. Here is one example. Just write on Google “WordPress plugins” and see the results – 37, 200,000 results and websites other than WordPress. You can imagine the range of possibilities.7-wordpress-plugins-emirates-software-group
  • Other benefits may include:
    – Ease of use
    – Management of website from any computer
    – No HTML editing or FTP software required
    Search engines love WordPress sites
    – You have control of your site
    – The design of your website is 100% customizable
    – Blogs get ready faster
    – Your site can grow as your business grows
    – Have multiple users

Are there CMS tutorials available?

We will provide the initial training to manage your website. Additional training for WordPress standard features and plugins can be found on YouTube. Below is one example of a Youtube tutorial.


Development cost may vary as per your requirements. A standard WordPress site costs between AED 1500 to AED 5000 but there are variations depending on the level of creativity, features and choice of plugins. Order your website now. Contact or give us a call us at 00971-52-8876081.

CMS Development Time

A standard WordPress website is ready between 7 – 15 business days. Again variations are possible depending on the level of creativity and required features.

CMS Demo

We have a huge range of CMS samples available for your review and selections. Let us know your business and we will setup ca complete demo for you either by visiting your office or arranging an online demo for you. CMS samples available for demo include CMS for school, college, university, personal business, technology, health, entertainment, media, games, travel, news, shopping and so on.

Schedule a CMS demo by sending an email at You can also directly call us at 00971-52-8876081