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From the UAE, every year (in fact every month) hundreds of new websites join the World Wide Web.  To rank on first page in order to appear first before the potential customers. Eventually the competition on Google becomes fierce in nearly every field imaginable.



Don’t be worried! SEO is just a fancy term that refers to the art of getting your website to show up high in search results. And luckily, ranking well in search engine results is not as hard as finding water in the desert – you can learn the basics in almost no time. To attract more customers for your business and get ahead of your competitors, you’ll need to optimize your website.

Here are 7 ways how you can boost your search engine ranking.

1. Use Correct Keywords

Google and other search engines rank your website based on keywords (terms and phrases which people use to explore information on search engines). So you need to do everything you can to associate your website with the words your customers are looking for. Make a list of these keywords which people from your target market would search for in Google. Then, include these keywords as often as possible in your text, headings and as alt text for your images.


2. Domain Name Matters

Your domain is one of the very first things that Google looks at to rank your site, you’ll want to keep SEO in mind when considering ideas for your website’s URL address. An ideal domain will include your business name and a main keyword relevant to what you do. Consider the following example, if you are doing real estate business in Dubai, you can have domain names like, or It is highly recommended that you consider .ae extension of your website.


3. Unique Title and Description

After scanning your domain name, Google looks at your site’s titles and descriptions. These are short texts about each page on your website. When you write them, be sure to incorporate your keywords as much as possible. Potential site visitors also use your titles and descriptions to determine if your site offers what they’re looking for. How? Open any website and mouse over its tab. You will see the page title for that webpage. See the expel below.


The description is the brief text found in Google search results under each link to a website. Try to lure visitors straight to your site with well-written, accurate descriptions. See the example below.



4. Submit Your Website’s Site Map

When you make your website in Dubai, help the search engines like Google and Bing know about it right away. Sure, their smart robots will find you eventually, but why not submitting it by yourself. In a click, you can get your ranking underway by telling these search engines to scan and index your site. You can submit your website to Google, Yahoo and Bing by their dedicated services. Use this link to submit your site to Google andthis link to submit your site to Bing.

You can also contact us when you need assistance.

5. Monitor Your Visitors

Setup Google Analytics account (Good news! It is free.). It will help you understand various matrices like:

  • how many visitors you get on your site
  • from which countries
  • which pages of your website they visited
  • how long they stayed on which page
  • from which devices they visited
  • and much more

One example of a Google Analytics dashboard is shown below



6. Take Advantage of the Social Media

Popular social media channels (e.g. Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) provide number of benefits. You can bring in new customers and loyal fans through them. But it’s not just people who are tirelessly checking their newsfeeds – search engines take note of active social media profiles. In fact, a website may rank higher when it’s associated with an active account on a social network. Therefore it is highly recommended to develop a profile, link it to your website, connect with your customers and post [relevant content] as often as possible.


7. Attract Local Customers

To help search engines associate your website with your locale, include your name, address and phone number (in technical terms it is called NAP). Architecturally, make sure you phone number appears on every page of your website. Then, submit your website and business details to popular online listings sites like Yellow Pages, Google+Merchant’s CircleYelp and more. These online directories rank well on search engines and can bring in new customers who might never have found your website.

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