Digital Marketing Ideas for Your Dubai Business

Most difficult aspect for those who are starting a new business in Dubai is the challenge of reaching and retaining customers. Yes, marketing a new business or product can be a time consuming, costly endeavor – something many entrepreneurs don’t have the time, budget and skills to properly market their businesses.

Small businesses and startups generally don’t have the luxury of outsourcing their marketing needs to professionals. However, there are few marketing practices available to new business owners (entrepreneurs) that will keep their marketing costs under control – few are totally free and few under few dollars. 

1. Create Local Awareness

Observe yourself – you may be using Google, Bing or Yahoo to search for things you are interested in. Similarly other dwellers of Dubai, UAE are doing the same thing – finding products and services on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Google has monitored these patterns and given preference to local businesses to be shown to local audience. DO the following things to create local awareness of your business:

a. Make Google Business Page


b. Make Your Website and Add Relevant Content

Your updated website is highly important for the success of your business in the digital marketing world.

Regular updates on your website keep customers informed of your latest offers and due to your satisfactory services you get referrals – means more visitors on your website. When Google observes more organic visitors on your website, it improves your rank in the search results – so that you appear on the first page to serve more customers.


c. Gain Coverage in the Local Press

Gaining coverage in local papers, trade magazines and websites can greatly increase name recognition and educate people about your business – driving new customer acquisition.  While many growing businesses in competitive landscapes may want to hire an expensive public relations firm, startups and small businesses can start off with some simple “do-it-yourself” PR.

It is also good to observe what your competitors are doing. Going head to head with a competitor in areas where they are stronger or more well-established is usually going to result in a loss. On the other hand, if you spend time analyzing the competitive field to look for their areas of weakness or gaps in the marketplace, you can discover opportunities where your business will have the best chance to grow.

To find opportunities for your business and what local market is looking for use Google Keyword Planner. Here is the screenshot for your reference.



2. Increase Lead Generation and Customer Engagement with Email Marketing

These are places from where you can buy email database and email marketing software. Another approach is to make an account on LinkedIn and connect with people relevant to your business. Once your connection request is accepted regularly engage in conversation with the decision makers. When you are connected on LinkedIn you also have access to the email ids of these connections – use it to your advantage.

Email marketing is the most effective digital marketing tactic. It delivers the best ROI and the least difficult to execute. Start a customer newsletter that offers timely information about the business, special promotions or an inside look at the company. This helps build a community with your customers, and it keeps your product and business on their minds.

Entrepreneurs don’t need to pay an agency or marketing consultant to develop an email campaign either.  You can do it yourself with free services, such as MailChimp, which allows small-business owners to send marketing emails, automated messages and targeted campaigns to customers. Although, MailChimp is a famous email marketing tool, it does have limitations – like you can send bulk emails to a certain number of recipients. PigeonMailSender is another email marketing tools developed in the UAE. You can see how many people opened your email, which campaigns you ran, etc. Contact PigeonMailSender’s developers for more information.


3. Create Informative Videos

Video content is really valuable. After Google, YouTube is the 2nd, most popular search engine where people look for information. It can eat lots of your Dirhams to get professional YouTube videos produced, there’s nothing wrong with giving it a shot yourself by using your smartphone or digital camera to record some authentic videos of your business, products, services you offer, etc. To edit (remove unnecessary parts) you can use simple software like Windows Movie Maker or some online free service like


4. Advantage from Your Existing Customers

Satisfied clients can be a business’s best marketing tool. Actively engage pre-existing clients through PR, social media and email.

For example, pitching your business and a satisfied customer to a writer can be mutually beneficial for both parties. This tactic generally leads to a more compelling story and a stronger relationship between you and your customer. Once you have a customer army of spokespeople, let them share positive experiences and tell your company story for you.

Marketing a small or new business is extremely crucial to a company’s success but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to invest a huge chunk of capital into it. Savvy, frugal entrepreneurs can find products and services that can help increase visibility and drive customer acquisition – without spending any overhead.


5. Use Facebook or LinkedIn for Marketing

If you invest a couple of Dirhams in sponsored posts on Facebook or LinkedIn, you will be able to put your brand, products or services in front of thousands of members of your target audience each month. Even a small investment in social marketing can produce hundreds of new followers on social networks as well as increased web traffic, brand awareness and hopefully promising profits that can be traced back to initial engagement on social media.

Facebook can be used to create general awareness about your business and attract potential consumers. Whereas LinkedIn can be used to appear before potential business decision makers. Among other advantages, these networks also allow you to set a limit on the amount spent to sponsor a post or page, they have also built tools which automate the process as well as allow you to drill down into demographics in order to put these ads and posts directly on the feeds of individuals who meet your ideal buyer type criteria.

Social media is free, easy to get started and offers a massive network of potential customers.  The hard part is increasing your followers without wasting your precious time.  Make sure you focus on value over volume.  Identify the social channels that reach your customers best – including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and the new guy, Ello.

The goal is to provide your followers with something that’s useful, interesting and shareable. Start small, post a few times a week and learn who your audience is. Once you have an understanding of who’s consuming your content, and what they’re interested in, you can start ramping up efforts.


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