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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making Google Search friendly website in such a way that your website provides you business as a result when someone searches similar product/service which you offer.

Easy access to the internet via smart phones, tablets, laptops and PCs, buying behaviours are rapidly changing. Buyers prefer finding (nowadays also called “googling”) information around the product or service that they are looking forward to buy, it is highly important to make your product or service available online by making a website. Then properly indexing it with Google, Bing and Yahoo to ensure that your website will appear before the potential buyers when they look for your products and services.

You can think of the possible questions that your potential buyers may have in mind before making a purchase. Then provide answers to those questions and also additional details (pictures, videos, etc.) around your product/service on your website. Detailed information serves various purposes:

For Google:
When visitors will find useful information (text, pictures, videos, etc.) on your website they will stay longer on your website. This long stay on your website informs Google that your website is providing the information which the online visitor was looking for. In technical terms, this long stay is known as “low bounce rate.” When your website establishes the status of “low bounce rate” website, Google shows your website to other online searchers who are looking for your products/service.

For Online Buyer:
Detailed information around your product/service convinces the buyer and you end up in receiving a call/email from the buyer either for direct order or request for further details or a face to face meeting.

SEO Service in Karachi

Whether you are running a business individually or have a large organization, if your are findable via Google search you have a confirmed advantage to capture valuable clients. To assist your internet marketing effort in Pakistan and globally, Emirates Software Group FZ LLC is proudly offering its SEO services in Karachi Pakistan.